Tackling Pre-Med Battles 

Like many facets in life, a new academic year can be challenging. Being a pre-med can be frustrating, stressful, tiresome, and classes can be difficult. It’s quite easy for one to get discouraged and question whether this journey is for them. When questions of doubt arise, consult a professor, classmate, or tap into your support system to help uplift your spirits, we’ve all be there. I’ve had numerous occasions where I’ve broken down and felt that this journey is too daunting, but I took a moment to take a step back and reflect. Currently, I am preparing for my MCAT and trying to balance a million other things. Fortunately, I’ve been able to confide in a few people that I trust to give me honest and direct advice. These individuals consistently have been by my side and continue to support me through any tasks that I face. Similarly, I encourage each of you to find people who you can lean on when the battles get tough. You don’t have to tackle a challenge alone, getting perspectives and being able to filter good advice from others is important. As aspiring doctors, we will be called upon to make tough decisions, but communicating with your peers and colleagues will give you the drive and energy to come to a sound decision. Seek out a mentor through your university or through PreMed StAR! Find ways to grow both individually and professionally. As Lebron James always says, “Strive for greatness”. Good luck to each of you and I wish you all a successful academic year.  

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