Congratulations to Megan! Premed of the Week

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.  Hello! I am a recent graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a certificate in Global Health. During two years of my undergraduate studies, I was a Division I student-athlete as a walk-on of the women’s lightweight rowing team. This experience alone has taught me many lifelong applicable skills that I intend on carrying into my studies and career as a physician. Currently, I work part-time as a Nursing Assistant in the Rehabilitation division of a nursing home. Additionally, I work full-time as a research intern on plant virology in the #1 ranked Plant Pathology program. My research involves two projects, one working with transgenic lines of potatoes and the breakdown of resistance to PVY, and the second working with the 5’ Untranslated Region of Triticum Mosaic virus.

2. Who was your favorite teacher in school and how did he or she impact you?  I’d say that I have an admiration for many teachers all the way from grade school through college. I have always had close relationships to my many science teachers, but being well rounded in all aspects of education is important as well. The biggest impact that many teachers have had on me is that they have always believed in me. Being surrounded by great role models in the classroom has contributed to my goal driven and determined attitude, that has allowed me to set my mind on something and then accomplish it.

3. When did you first decide you wanted to become a doctor and why?  I have always been fascinated by the math and sciences, along with growing up admiring my older sister, a registered nurse. My decision to follow a career in medicine began with volunteering at the hospital and further into shadowing physicians. I have juggled with the ideas of being a nurse, physical therapist, or physicians assistant, however I keep coming back to being a physician. My time spent in the OR with an orthopedic surgeon really solidified my desire to pursue a career in healthcare as a physician. I do believe my time spent figuring out exactly what aspect of healthcare I wanted to be a part of will help me appreciate and communicate better as a future physician. Furthermore, there was not a pinpoint time within my pre-med journey, but I know a compassionate physician is who I strive to be.

4. What area of medicine are you interested in?  Definitely leaning towards Surgery! My time shadowing in the OR was fascinating and sparked my interest! However, I am keeping an open mind and still very intrigued by Orthopedics, Pediatrics, and Family Medicine.

5. What’s the coolest experience you’ve had so far on your premedical journey?  One of the coolest experiences of my premedical journey was studying abroad in Thailand for 3 months in 2016. The immersion into a completely different culture and language taught me more than I could have ever imagined. Most of all it taught me to be cultural awareness and sensitivity, along with the importance of respecting all people’s beliefs and backgrounds. The coolest experience in a medical settings would definitely be my time spent in the OR observing total hip replacements, resetting broken bones, carpel tunnel release, ACL reconstruction, along with many arthroscopic surgeries. It was incredible to see so many people that had regained the ability to perform everyday tasks again pain free.

6. What is your favorite book?   When Breath Becomes Air

7. Tell us one thing interesting about you that most people don’t know.  I am an avid adventure seeker and always looking for new adventures to try. A few of my most treasured life moments that most people do not know include sky diving, swimming with sharks and stingrays, pole vaulting, Black Belt in Karate, and a current Marathoner in training. Above all, I love enjoying life to the fullest and trying my hand at everything I can!

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